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Enhance Your Digital Video Sales Process

D3M allows you to enhance your digital sales process by enabling remote customer collaboration and simplifying information to close deals easier and faster.

Remote customer collaboration

Share and present projects to customers, online or in-person, via share link, email invite or PDF.

More deals closed

Increase your close rate by reducing the time to quote and present proposals to your prospects.

Display device locations

Display the physical location of devices on a site plan, including camera coverages and angles.

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Pre-loaded with a variety icons

D3M offers product libraries from multiple industry leaders.

From cameras to mounts to video management software, D3M is pre-loaded with all the icons to build lifelike video network diagrams.

Best sales tool for video surveillance solutions

All information in one place

All project data is stored in one, secure location, including camera types, IP addresses, and more.

Display camera coverage

Visually show where you cameras and equipment will be placed and their coverage angles.

Cross-platform syncing

As you make changes, D3M syncs every part of the project, ensuring all changes are made throughout D3M.

Start selling your video solutions faster

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