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Fluid Edge Themes


Easily work alongside your colleagues and customers in real-time, no matter where they’re located, from your device.

Remotely work with your customers

Share and present projects to customers, online or in-person, via share link, email invite or PDF.

Collaborate with colleagues

Work with your team in real-time, anywhere

Easily work alongside your colleagues on any project in real-time, from your device, no matter where they’re located.

Multiple users at one time

Work on the same project at the same time

Multiple collaborative users can be logged into D3M at the same time and jointly work on the same project. You’ll be notified when other users on in the same project.

Record project notes

Track changes, tasks, and more

Add notes to projects to communicate with your team and ensure all information and action items are being shared and completed.

Track project changes

Receive notifications for all changes

Know when changes have been made to a project to ensure everyone is on the same page and all tasks are being completed.

Make your selling easier with collaboration

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