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Fluid Edge Themes


Connect D3M to your enterprise applications and streamline your sales processes.

Application white-labelling

If you are a large enterprise with many products let us integrate into your sales process and give your sales teams a digital environment to sell your solutions quickly. We can even brand it for you to provide a custom experience to your employees, customers, partners, and resellers.

Your product icon libraries

Build lifelike network diagrams

D3M offers product libraries from multiple industry leaders. Ask us how to include yours.

Add your own quote parts

Have your pricing information in D3M

Have your quote parts in D3M for quick and easy quoting, including part numbers, names, descriptions, price, and cost.

Cross platform-syncing

No mistakes or repetition

As you make changes, D3M syncs every part of the project, ensuring all changes are made throughout D3M.

Auto-generate sales quotes

Let your quote build itself

As you design your network D3M auto-generates your sales quote including pricing, quantity, part numbers, and more.

Integrate your enterprise with visual sales environment

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