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D3M hosts a variety of features to simplify the process of designing, documenting, delivering, and managing your networks.

Present to customers

Remotely work with your customers

Share and present projects to customers, online or in-person, via share link, email invite or PDF.

Collaborate with colleagues

Work with your team in real-time

Easily work alongside your colleagues on any project in real-time, from your device, no matter where you’re located.

Cross platform-syncing

No mistakes or repetition

As you make changes, D3M syncs every part of the project, ensuring all changes are made throughout D3M.

Auto-generated sales quotes

Let your quote build itself

As you design your network D3M auto-generates your sales quote including pricing, quantity, part numbers, and more.

Your product icon libraries

Build lifelike network diagrams

D3M offers product libraries from multiple industry leaders. Ask us how to include yours.

“If you have technicians that aren’t involved in the design but are responsible for the installation, D3M is available online and they can pull up everything they need. We have seen how useful it is to allow everyone to access the diagrams from wherever they are.”

Custom templates

Get started quickly

Save time on your projects by creating document templates, embedded with company and project details.

Build diagrams

Show how your network works

Easily create diagrams for any project with different view types including map, rack, site plan, and topology.

Project file storage

Store all files in one location

Keep all project information in one location. Organize important files, like contracts, images, and quotes.

Record project notes

Track changes, tasks, and more

Add notes to your project to ensure all information and action items are being shared and completed.

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