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D3M automatically synchronizes your quotes, proposals, lists, and diagrams as you collaborate with colleagues and customers.

Auto-generated sales quotes

As you design your network, D3M auto-generates your sales quote including pricing, quantity, part numbers, descriptions, and more.

Cross platform-syncing

No mistakes or repetition

As you make changes, D3M syncs every part of the project, ensuring all changes are made throughout D3M.

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Let D3M autofill your document text

D3M will automatically fill your documents based off your project information, including customer name, project owner, company name, and more.

Smart quoting

D3M automatically adds quote parts to your devices

After you assign a part to a device, D3M will remember and quote it for you automatically next time you use the same device.

Custom templates

Get your documents ready in no time

Save time on your project by creating document templates, embedded with company and project details, ready to share with your customers.

Start selling your networks quicker with D3M's automation

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