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Fluid Edge Themes

Build life-like Ciena network solutions

Design Ciena solutions that enhance your digital sales process by enabling remote customer collaboration and creating digital visualizations to close deals faster.


Collaborate with your team

Easily work alongside your colleagues on any project in real-time, from your device, no matter where they’re located.

Access it anywhere

Seamlessly access your D3M account at anytime, from anywhere, with our cloud-based software.

Create life-like networks

Quickly create digital visualizations using our high-quality Ciena icon library, filled with routers, platforms, and more.

High-quality, life-like device icons


“If you have technicians that aren’t involved in the design but are responsible for the installation, D3M is available online and they can pull up everything they need. We have seen how useful it is to allow everyone to access the diagrams from wherever they are.”

Ryan Sweet, Field Service Technician

View all deployments

Have all your deployments in one place and easily see where each project is at every stage of the process.

Enable larger projects

Build large scale projects all within D3M allowing you to seamlessly deploy, expand, and troubleshoot.

Enhance current deployments

Import your current Ciena deployments into D3M to ensure proper troubleshooting and project extensions.

Features built to simplify your network deployments


Present to customers

Share and present projects to customers, online or in-person, via share link, email invite or PDF.


Cross-platform syncing

As you make changes within D3M, it syncs with every part of the project, ensuring all changes are made throughout D3M.


Custom templates

Save time on your project by creating document templates, embedded with company and project details.

Start designing and selling your Ciena solutions