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D3M Pro

D3M Pro includes all the core features you know and love, plus the ability to automatically generate quotes from your diagrams and customizable application branding throughout D3M.

Automated Quote Tool

Fast, reliable, accurate quoting & margin analysis

D3M Pros automated quote tool feature makes it easier and faster for sales teams to generate professional, error-free quotes. The app takes a unique approach to quoting as it automatically generates line items based on users’ network diagrams.

Complete with margin analysis and convenient part lookup, you can adjust pricing to optimize revenue opportunities and increase profits.

  • Generate automated quotes in seconds from a network diagram
  • Easily add and modify service and maintenance line items
  • Analyze margins and apply discounts
  • Upload, manage and centralize pricing information
  • Create proposals and live collaborate with remote workers from anywhere

Application Branding

Customize the entire app to match your company’s branding guidelines

Display your brand, instead of ours with D3M Pro. With application branding, you can fully customize colors and logos throughout the entire app. From the login page to the customer sharing page, D3M will look and feel like your company’s very own professional branded tool!

  • Customize the color of key elements such as the header, subheadings, and buttons
  • Keep a consistent look and feel across all websites, applications and services you manage
  • Ensure all the materials you generate match your company’s branding, so the app is more recognizable to your customers
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