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Fluid Edge Themes

Take a tour and see how D3M simplifies each step of the design & documentation process.

From pre-sales to post-sales support, D3M ensures your team is on the same page, with organized and current project data.

1. Pre-Sales

It All Starts With the Easy-To-Use & Extremely Powerful Design Tool

Providing customers with a visual representation of the proposed solution can go a long way in helping them understand your technology and will ultimately help you in earning their trust. Whether you’re a sales rep, engineer or senior technician, D3M makes it extremely easy to prepare a system diagram in a matter of minutes. The drag & drop editor, pre-loaded industry-specific icons, and three diagram types empower you and your team in ways never previously possible.

  • Easy-to-use drag & drop editor
  • Pre-loaded with manufacturer specific icons
  • All views are synced and automatically updated
  • Display the proposed system via rack and/or topology view

As You Build Your Network D3M Automatically Creates a Professional Quote & Proposal

D3M was created to help you and your team save time and steps in designing and deploying your projects. As you design your network, D3M automatically creates a professional quote and proposal, minimizing steps and saving you time. The error-free quote offers pricing and margin analytics, which can be modified to optimize revenue opportunities and increase profits. The proposal can be based off a template, eliminating repetitive work, but offers the ability to personalize the proposal through the addition of text, images and more. Once you’re ready to submit your work to your prospective customer, simply enter their email and they will have live access to the proposal as it evolves.

  • Auto-generate quotes & proposals that stay in sync with your project
  • Create templates to save time & eliminate repetitive tasks
  • Share live up-to-date proposals with your team and customers

2. Quotes & Proposals

Tour D3M for yourself! Get a free trial today and start exploring.

3. Installation

Manage Your Project Inventory & Implementation With Ease

When you’re ready to implement your network D3M has you covered. As you build your network diagram, all items throughout your project have synced to your project inventory list. This allows your technical team to manage the project as it evolves to the staging and deployment phases, minimizing room for error. Using the Rack Diagramming option you can also supply your techs with an exact view of the specific device locations, for an easy deployment. Collaborate with your entire team on a single up-to-date version of the project inventory, accessible from anywhere!

  • Automatically synced project inventory list
  • Auto-fill feature to save time in managing large fleets
  • Easy sorting capabilities to eliminate confusion
  • Rack diagram view for easy installation

Store All Projects in One Secure Location, Accessible From Anywhere

D3M safely stores every project you have created, ensuring you can access all past project data at anytime. Attach important files such as quotes, contracts, images and more to your projects as reference for any customer issues or inquiries down the road. Your team will have access to what they need, when they need it, wherever they’re located.

  • All projects stored in one secure location
  • Cloud project file repository
  • Access project data at anytime

4. Post-Sales Support

Want to learn more? Have some questions? Not a problem!