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Don't just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say.

“Regular use of D3M has improved our team's ability to effectively collaborate, increased our efficiency, reduced quoting errors, and increased our level of professionalism.”

Roger Ruby, Vice President, Spectrum Communications

“I don’t go to my boss all that often to pull his arm for money, but I said I absolutely must have this because the amount of time, grief and everything that it saves me, the tool has paid for itself many times over.”

Tom Grady, Technical Services Executive, Airsys

ICI Wireless, Senior Technician

“When we take over systems that have been deployed by other vendors and we have to document the system, D3M gives us that capability. D3M makes it exceptionally easy, especially in the network environment when a back hall equipment room has multiple connections going everywhere and you need to know exactly where to put what. I can go in and document the site and have a technician that has never seen the site, walk in, pull up D3M and know exactly where everything is. Read the full user review.

Jason Ellington, Senior Technician

Bearcom, IP Radio Solutions Manager

“I’ve had a chance to work with the D3M tool on several occasions over the last year through the Alpha and Beta releases. I would recommend this tool to all two-way radio network technicians as it brings great value to them and the rest of their organization. D3M is an excellent collaboration tool for sales, engineers, and technicians. Being able to share the design information in one centralized location will be far more efficient than our current method of emailing multiple file types back and forth.

Chris Pace, IP Radio Solutions Manager

Baycom, Director of Technical Operations

Our entire organization is using D3M. We now have a reliable, consistent platform to properly design & document our customer’s MOTOTRBO & APX system solutions. The Sales Team begins the process by creating professional images and brings them to the customers during the quoting stage. The Bench Technicians continue the process by documenting the project for the Field Technicians to use during installation.”

Scott Johnson, Director of Technical Operations

Brentwood Communications, Senior Account Manager

“D3M has developed our installations to the next level, we’re able to design/deploy and manage detailed systems from any PC in the world including whilst on site with customers should any information be needed. We recommend it to all of our partners within the industry.”

Tom Parker, Senior Account Manager

Link-Tel, RF Engineer

“We needed something that would allow us to show customers the equipment location and cabling routes on the actual deployment site. D3M is an effective way to convey to the customer what they are being sold and what support they will receive alongside it, benefiting both ourselves and the customer.

Connor Carrick, RF Engineer

Louisiana Radio Communications, System Specialist

“Trying to record and maintain all of our radio network information in one place can be a real headache. D3M has the ability to bring value to our entire organization. It allows for Sales to start a project and easily pass it on to our Technicians to tweak and revise the diagram. The software also provides very valuable information to customers who need to understand how their radio network functions. Come install time, our Technicians will all be on the same page and know how everything needs to be configured. More importantly, when a technician gets called out at 2AM to troubleshoot an issue; they will have fast and easy access to understanding how the network in question was deployed.”

Chip Lenhart, System Specialist

Spectrum Telecom Group, Technician

“Using D3M for radio network design & management is far easier than Microsoft Visio and Excel. The tool allows you to enter and store all of your network information in one place and easily share it with others. Creating network diagrams and databases for radio systems is extremely simplified thanks to D3M. It will be my “one-stop-shop” tool for complete radio system designs. D3M is an extremely valuable application and I would absolutely recommend it to other two-way radio technicians!Read the full user review.

Joe Kletke, Technician

Talk Wireless, Senior Radio System Technician

“D3M has been beneficial to Talk Wireless because we’ve been able to complete an overview of a system in a matter of minutes. It helps with documentation.” Read the full user review.

Phil Ovenden, Senior Radio System Technician

Creative Communications, Design Engineer

It doesn’t get much easier to put together a block diagram together than with D3M. Another important thing is that everybody has connectivity to your files… Everything stays up to date and I don’t have a different version on my machine compared to somebody else’s machine. From that aspect, it’s nice that everybody can have access to customer files, wherever they are.Read the full user review.

Tim Taylor, Design Engineer

Utility Communications, Project Manager

“D3M has made my job easier. It has made it easier for me to collect all of the information in one place and allowed me to have a visual representation of the project for myself, internally, and for the customer to see exactly what we are doing and what are going to be implementing into the project.” Read the full user review.

Ben Clarke, Project Manager

Reliable Communications, Owner

“The most significant benefit I have seen from using D3M is providing a professional looking quotation. I have been looking for years for an application like it and have bought different presentation and quotation software, however, they were nowhere near as robust as D3M and never came out looking as professional.” Read the full user review.

Thomas Brammann, Owner

RFC Wireless, Project Manager

“Collaboration on a simpler basis. It has eliminated the need for me to go downstairs and the technicians trying to draw something out on a piece of paper. D3M creates something I can go back and refer to at any time because the technicians drew it out. They know how the system is going to fit together. As a project manager, it makes my life easier.” Read the full user review.

Michael Miller, Project Manager

2-Way Communications, Operations Manager

“The biggest benefit to me is that all that information is now in one location. My techs can see the information on their smart devices when they are not in the office.” Read the full user review.

Bill Bartlett, Operations Manager