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Become a Partner

The D3M team is always on the hunt for new partners. We strive to give our users the best possible experience and know we can't do it all on our own!
Manufacturer Library Partners

We work with our manufacturer partners to create extensive icon libraries of their products within D3M. Training and supporting material are provided to help the manufacturer partners promote D3M within their dealer community.

Master Distributors

Master distributors have the rights to re-sell D3M licenses, with functional packaging which may differ from commercial packages. Branding, support and sales material is provided to help master distributors promote and sell D3M within their industries.

Marketing Referral Partners

Marketing referral partners promote D3M throughout their current marketing channels and promotions. Training, supporting material and sales tools are provided to increase marketing referral partners' success in marketing D3M to their existing channels.

Manufacturer Reps

Manufacturer reps market and sell D3M to qualified prospects within their industry. Training, sales material, and vertical marketing information are provided to support manufacturer reps in the promotion of D3M within their markets.

Marketing Partners

D3M marketing partners are third-party complementary applications offering cross-marketing referrals via technical integrations. A road map and supporting material are provided to guide the promotion of D3M. Purchases are made via referral directly with D3M.

Interested in becoming a D3M Partner?

We’re always looking to create new relationships and love working with new people! Let us know which type of partnering opportunity you’re interested in pursuing and we’ll be in touch to discuss the details.

Create revenue generating opportunities.

Increase exposure for both parties.

Create new relationships and enhance existing ones.

Obtain a competitive advantage.

Interested but want to learn more? Speak directly with our Business Development Manager!