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Two-Way Radio Network Design

D3M was built for the two-way radio industry, pre-loaded with manufacturer icons and customizable engineering rules.

D3M reduces radio network design by 50% and simplifies project management and collaboration.

Auto-generate quotes, project inventory and proposals based off your network design.
Stop wasting time using multiple tools and resources to design and manage your radio networks.
Easily create radio network designs and minimize errors with built-in engineering rules.
Easily create radio network designs and minimize errors with built-in engineering rules.
Display the physical location of devices on a rack for easy deployment.

Pre-Loaded with Manufacturer Icons

From portables to repeaters to duplexers, D3M is pre-loaded with all the icons a radio technician could dream of.

We’ve partnered with several of the largest RF manufacturers in the two-way radio industry to bring you device-specific icons, engineering rules, properties, and specifications. Some of our partners include Motorola Solutions, Icom, Hytera, and Kenwood, among others.

Just let us know which icon libraries you would like access to and we will happily add them to your D3M account.

Note: Your company must be a certified reseller of the manufacturer to obtain their icon library.

“I see a great future in implementing everything we need customized to our clients and being able to provide them with solutions that they understand”

– Ryan Sweet, Field Service Technician, Spectrum Communications

Key Features to Improve Your Network Design Process

Automated Sync

As you design your network D3M auto-generates your project inventory, as well as a quote and professional proposal.

Proposal Templates

Create custom project templates to save time and effortlessly create professional and consistent documentation.

Centralized Data

All project data is stored in one, secure location, accessible from anywhere at any time, limiting loss of information.

Drag & Drop Editor

Effortlessly build your diagram by simply dragging and dropping icons and connections onto the canvas.

Want to see how D3M works for yourself? Give it a try (no credit card required).

Where It All Began...

D3M was created specifically for the two-way radio industry from an issue our own team ran into while creating and managing our own network diagrams. We wanted to create a tool that would allow manufacturers and dealers to design, document, deliver and manage their radio networks with ease.

Our goal was to create a solution to allow sales reps and technicians to collaborate in real-time to design complex networks while automating their workflow (auto-generated quotes, proposals, etc.). The two-way radio industry is where our roots lie and we are continuously adding features to keep up with industry trends and changes.