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Video Surveillance Network Design

Pre-loaded with icons & custom features, D3M has been tailored specifically for the video surveillance market.

D3M simplifies site survey design and project management, from pre-sales to post-sales.

Easily create site survey designs, whether or not you're an engineer.
Stop wasting your time with overly complicated CAD design tools.
Collaborate in real-time with colleagues and share live proposals with customers.
Auto-generate quotes, project inventory and proposals based off your site survey design.
Display the physical location of devices on a rack for easy deployment.

Reduce time spent on projects by 50%

“D3M has improved our team’s ability to effectively collaborate, increased our efficiency, reduced quoting errors, and increased our level of professionalism.”

– Roger Ruby, Vice President, Spectrum Communications

Pre-loaded with Industry Icons

Show cameras field of view

Adjust the cameras field of view to show it's coverage area.

Upload floorplans, maps and more

Layout where all items should be installed.

Fully interactive and intuitive editor

Easily build your diagrams using our drag & drop editor.

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Automated Sync

As you design your network D3M auto-generates your project inventory along with a professional quote and proposal.

Centralized Data

All project data is stored in one, secure location, accessible from anywhere at any time, limiting loss of information.

Live Collaboration

Easily collaborate and share projects, via live share links or PDF, and manage editing and sharing capabilities.

Proposal Templates

Create custom project templates to save time and effortlessly create professional and consistent documentation.

Want to see how D3M works for yourself? Give it a try (no credit card required).